In order to promote and popularize the Bashkir national musical instrument - Kurai in the north-eastern region of the Republic in Kiginsky District I passed an open zonal kuraists competition "Kyigyr Kurai".

The event was organized at the initiative of the Municipal autonomous educational institution of additional education for children "Children's Art School of the municipal district of the Republic of Bashkortostan Kiginsky District", with the support of the head of administration of the municipal district Kiginsky District.

The competition was attended by performers from Ilishevskogo, Blagovarsky, Askin, Belokataysky, Salavat, Mechetlinskogo, Duvansky and Kiginsky District. Soloists performed three works in accordance with the curriculum of art schools and Music School, one of which with a piano accompaniment and ensemble kurai player - two diverse works.

The jury, headed by chairman Elkibaevym Wehner, Head of the Salavat musical college, teacher, class Kurai, evaluated performance skills, the complexity of the work, culture and scenic artist on individual age categories.

At the end of the contest winners in their age groups were: Gafarov Gazinur of Kiginsky District and a representative from the area Telyavgulov Azamat.

By agreement of the jury the organizers decided to hold the competition every two years. Thus, II open kuraists competition "Kyigyr Kurai" will take place in 2018.

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